Seal: New World

Buy Seal: New World Credits

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy Seal: New World's credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

  1. Important: Important: To purchase Gems via Cherry Credits, you will need to download the game APK here. You will also need to be level 40 and above to see the Third Party Top-up option.
  2.  1. Login to Seal: New World via the APK downloaded here.

  3.  2. Click on the Top-up button.

  4.  3. Select 'Third Party Top-up'.

  5.  4. Select 'Cherry Credits' as your mode of payment.

  6.  5. Select the denomination you wish to purchase and scroll down to confirm.

  7.  6. Enter your 6 digit-pin.

  8.  7. After completing your transaction, check your Gems balance.


Seal: New World” – The Rascal Rabbits are back! The Classic 3D MMORPG returns to steal your hearts!

Your favorite characters are back in a brand new adventure.

In this new world, you are our only hope!


● After 14 years, Seal Online From Korea is Back!
The classic returns!
Finally play Seal Online in multiplayer mode on your mobile – a whole new story with a brand new experience!

● 3 Classes Are Back: Knights, Priests and Jesters!
An improved world-view with more exciting levels to challenge.
Upgrade your character, choose skills, gear and train pets.
Alliance system, World Boss gameplays, Arena, Survival challenges, Magic Beanstalk, and more for you to explore!

● Hide the Cleavers! Rascal Rabbit is Back!
Train pets and take them with you – over 40 kinds, all cute yet deadly!
Ride your mount into battle; no need to tire your little legs anymore...

● Hundreds of Costumes; Dress to Impress
Wondering what to wear today? Change costumes according to your mood.
Loads of fashion and accessories to choose from. If you can imagine it, we’ve got it!

● Say Goodbye to Singledom – Let’s Get Married!
Tired of being single? Try out the in-game wedding system.
Earn intimacy points and propose to the object of your desire.
Hold a wedding banquet, choose your wedding dress and invite your friends to witness your special occasion!

● Fun Social Interaction
Chat with players in-game using text or voice messages.
The fairest trading system around; perfect for making new friends!