MU Origin

Buy MU Origin Credits

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy MU Origin's credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

  1. 1.png 1. Login to MU Origin via the APK downloaded here.

  2. 2.png 2. Click on the 'Mall' icon.

  3. 3.png 3. Click on the 'Recharge' button.

  4. 4.png 4. Choose the denomination you wish to purchase.

  5. 5.png 5. Select 'Cherry Credits' as your mode of payment.

  6. 6.png 6. Choose the denomination you wish to purchase.

  7. 7.png 7. Login to your Cherry Exchange account.

  8. 8.png 8. Enter your 6-Digit Pin.

  9. 9.png 9. After the transaction is successful, check your Diamond balance.


Still remember the Vicious Series set? Can you recall the sound of gems dropping?

Ten years ago, MU rose as the first 3D fantasy MMORPG.

Today, "MU Origin-SEA" inherits the classic functions to bring thrills and joy to players! Developed on Unity3D engine, experience the magnificent fantasy world that has been recreated once more.

Heroes never die, they just respawn. Take a walk through memory lane with the immortal MU today!


A decade-old legend is rising again. Your favourite three classes have returned to embark on an adventure in the classic dungeons!
Dominate the Warrior Land and climb to the top of this magical world!

  • Gorgeous special effects
  • Realistic feel with an easy-to-learn game play. 
  • Jobs exclusive skill - impress with special effects
  • Multi PVP for the ultimate kingdom dominance!
  • Same-server group fights, fiery PK challenges!
  • Great map, free to explore, enjoy unlimited fun!

Three Classes
Swordman shows off his skill and swordsmanship during battles. A brave and chivalrous character.

Possesses mysterious power, with powerful magic. His intimidating demeanour usually scares away enemies!

A beautiful elf, armed with a fatal arrow. She has many talents and skills, including healing.