Ghost Trappers

Buy Ghost Trappers Credits

Game credits and pricing

1500 Blood Diamonds 455,000 CC
7000 Blood Diamonds 130,000 CC
3000 Blood Diamonds 65,000 CC
800 Blood Diamonds 26,000 CC
300 Blood Diamonds 13,000 CC
100 Blood Diamonds 6,500 CC
50 Blood Diamonds 3,900 CC
10 Blood Diamonds 1,300 CC

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy Ghost Trappers's credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

  1.  1. Visit Ghost Trappers' Official Website and login to your account
  2.  2. Click on "+ Donate/Offers" near the top menu
  3.  3. Select type of Ghost Trappers premium you wish to redeem and click on "Cherry Credits" as the preferred payment method
  4.  4. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  5.  5. Input Security PIN to confirm purchase and it's done!


If ghost busting is your kind of game, wait no further. Teleport to an alternative realm of Scotland and whip out your camera, for ghosts and spirits are aplenty. Don't forget their favorite whisky!

Luring the paranormal species can't get any easier than this. Now stand proud and tell the whole world, "Ghosts do exist!"

Screenshot 01Screenshot 02Screenshot 03


  • Load up your best whisky and cocktails, men! There's still hundreds of species to uncover, not to mention the rare Midnight ghosts that starts wandering after the clock strikes 12!
  • Accomplish special missions from the Secret Corporation of Trapping Castle Hauntings (S.C.O.T.C.H.) and earn cool rewards from the Chairman himself.
  • When you start to feel bitter and lonely on the streets of Scotland, why not get a cutesy little Companion to accompany you along the way?
  • Team up with fellow agents and start the ghost raid! With some teamwork, even the tough ghosts will be an easy feat.
  • Feeling bored between hunts? Take a break, have some Ghost Puzzlers fun!