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Habbo Voucher 380 Credits 50,000 CC 0 CC
Habbo Voucher 225 Credits 30,000 CC 0 CC
Habbo Voucher 145 Credits 20,000 CC 0 CC
Habbo Voucher 70 Credits 10,000 CC 0 CC
Habbo Voucher 30 Credits 5,000 CC 0 CC
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How to Redeem

  1.  1. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  2.  2. Click on "SHOP" in the drop down menu on the left
  3.  3. Click on "more" to display more games
  4.  4. Select "Habbo"
  5.  5. Select value of Habbo Voucher, tick the T & C and Privacy Policy, and click "NEXT" to proceed
  6.  6. Input your 6-digit Security PIN to confirm the redemption
  7.  7. Go to your Cherry Messenger and click on the redemption message
  8.  8. Access the message in Cherry Messenger for the e-PIN redeemed
  9.  9. Remember your ePIN which is displayed as ePIN Serial Number in blue
  10.  10. Log on to Habbo Official Website with your Habbo account
  11.   11. Click on "SHOP" found on the top menu
  12.  12. Enter the "ePIN Serial Number" into "Voucher Code" box to get your Habbo Credits



Habbo is a FREE virtual community for teens. Here, you can hang out with your friends, make new ones, create and decorate your own room and take part in heaps of fun activities. Pit yourself against pals in exciting mini-games and take part in contests to win awesome prizes!

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  • Inside the Hotel
    Build your own guest room and decorate it with Habbo Furni. This is also where you can play cool Habbo games.
  • My Habbo Home
    Habbo Homes is where your own personal Habbo Home page is located. You can decorate your Home page with all kinds of cool stickers, skins, and backgrounds.
  • Habbo Games
    Try wholesome games like the butt-crunching Battle Banzai to the winter warzone of Freeze and even a cat-and-mouse skating game of Ice Tag!
  • Habbo Club
    VIP members-only club, and enjoy exclusive room layouts, Furni, priority access, cool clothes and commands.