ShinNaZuki (神无月)

Buy ShinNaZuki (神无月) Credits

Game credits and pricing

6000 Diamond 135,986 CC
3000 Diamond 67,986 CC
1200 Diamond 27,186 CC
600 Diamond 13,586 CC
300 Diamond 6,786 CC
60 Diamond 1,346 CC

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy ShinNaZuki (神无月)'s credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

    1. Important: Your ShinNazuki account must be at least Level 20 and above before you can purchase Diamonds via Cherry Credits.

  1. 1. Login to ShinNaZuki (神无月)

    1. 2. Locate the Wonder Game logoIn-game.

      1. 3. Press the Wonder Game Icon in-game and click on the recharge icon.

      2. 4. Select Globle.

        1. 5. Select Cherry Credits as your mode of payment.

        2. 6. Select the amount you want to recharge.

        3. 7. Scroll down and click 'Next'.

        4. 8. Login to your Cherry Exchange Account.

        5. 9. Enter your 6-Digit pin to confirm your transaction.

        6. 10. After the tran


Enter the mesmerizing world of ShinNaZuki, a turn-based card game developed by Shanda Games. Team up with gorgeous characters drawn by top Japanese artists like Zuzuhira Hiro, Mikimoto Haruhiko and Nekonabe, and hone your wits and strategies as you fight against monsters to snag crystals and save the world tree from dying!


APK Download Link:



[Japanese RPG Card Game -- Absolute Audiovisual Feast]

  • Six major floating island adventures for super interaction with your characters! Let the immersive storyline take you across multiple worlds for a grand exploration.
  • The fantasy background music will tingle your senses! Background music is carefully produced by Japanese music master Hitoshi Sakimoto, whose masterpiece is "Final Fantasy XII”.

[Listen To The Voices Of Popular Voice Actors]

  • Featuring super popular voice actor "Hanazawa Kana" as the "Voice Ambassador", together with many top voice actors like "Kimura Ryouhei", "Hayami Saori", "Fukuen Misato" and "Horie Yui".
  • The ever popular Hatsune Miku collaborates with Hanazawa Kana in the theme song "ShinNaZuki".
    Tons of delightful songs await!

[Admire The Creations Of Reputable Artists]

  • "Bloodline" Art Team and Japanese well-known artists Zuzuhira Hiro, Mikimoto Haruhiko, Nekonabe Ao will mesmerize you with their character artworks!
  • See hundreds of beautifully drawn creations with personalities that shine through! Immerse your imagination in their unique and stunning creations, that is almost like a pictorial book brought to life.
  • Get decked out in gorgeous fashion with an array of styles available. Match your fashionista vibes with vivid character expressions too, from spoiled to crying and even shy facial expressions!

[Multiple Innovative Gameplay-- Real time PVP Battle]

  • More than 40 kinds of character combinations from the five major occupations - Warrior, Archer, Assassin, Mage and Cleric. Savour the uniqueness of each character because their characteristics and skill effects are one of a kind!
    Different character combinations will yield a different battle result!
  • Unleash your strategic prowess to carry out pre-war deployments, using various mind-blowing tactics such as back-attacks, combos and positions to break down the enemy lines!
  • Real-time PVP battle, team up with fellow players to fight against the world BOSS, Guild War, Party Trial, Magic Cards, Star Ladder, Mysteryland, etc.!