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10,000 W-Coins 130,000 CC 0 CC
5,000 W-Coins 65,000 CC 0 CC
3,000 W-Coins 39,000 CC 0 CC
2,000 W-Coins 26,000 CC 0 CC
1,000 W-Coins 13,000 CC 0 CC
500 W-Coins 6,500 CC 0 CC
Total : 0 CC

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Balance After Purchase
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Current CC Balance 0 CC

How to Redeem

  1. Rappelz-Step 01.png 1. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  2. Rappelz-Step 02.png 2. Click on "SHOP" in the drop down menu on the left
  3. Rappelz-Step 03.png 3. Click on "more" to display more games
  4. Rappelz-Step 04.png 4. Select "Rappelz"
  5. Rappelz-Step 05.png 5. Select preferred amount, tick the T & C and Privacy Policy, and click "NEXT" to proceed
  6. Rappelz-Step 06.png 6. Input your 6-digit PIN to confirm the redemption
  7. Rappelz-Step 07.png 7. Go to your Cherry Messenger and click on the redemption message
  8. Rappelz-Step 08.png 8. Access the message in Cherry Messenger for the e-PIN redeemed
  9. Rappelz-Step 09.png 9. Remember your ePIN which is displayed as ePIN Serial Number in blue
  10. Rappelz-Step 10.png 10. Visit Rappelz's Official Website and click on "WCOIN"
  11. Rappelz-Step 11.png 11. Login to your acount
  12. Rappelz-Step 12.png12. Select "EPIN" logo
  13. Rappelz-Step 13.png 13. Enter the ePIN Serial Number to get your WCOINS


Permanent CC Rebate will be given for the following denominations:

  • 1,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 650 CC.
  • 2,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 2080 CC.
  • 3,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 3,900 CC.
  • 5,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 8,450 CC.
  • 10,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 26,000CC.

Stand forth against the darkness from the Great War and fight to unite The Kingdom of Providence. Only righteous warriors shall prosper in this epic battle!

 Rappelz-screenshot 01.png Rappelz-screenshot 02.png Rappelz-screenshot 03.png

NOTE: For U.S. and EU service only.


  • Experience the new Possibility Space technology! Start playing while you download the game client!
  • Take your pick amongst the finest warriors in the realm Assassin, Devotress, Dungeon Archer, Illusionist, Pangolan, Pit Fighter.
  • Build up your faction of mighty fighters in your customized Warrior Hall.
  • Discover The Kingdom of Providence through solo quests, adventure mode, multiplayer campaigns and PvP.
  • Life after death: Summon fallen warriors into the battlefield, imbue them into formidable
  • equipment upgrades, or grant them another chance to live and prove their worth.