Bleach Mobile 3D

Buy Bleach Mobile 3D Credits

Please follow below How to Redeem section below to buy Bleach Mobile 3D's credits with Cherry Credits.

How to Redeem

  1. Top-up Diamond via Website
  2. 1.png 1. Login to your Bleach Mobile 3D account here

  3. 2.png 2. Select your Game, Server and Role which you wan to top up.

  4. 3.png 3. Select Cherry Credits for payment and select the denomination to purchase.

  5. 5.png 4. Login to your Cherry Exchange account.

  6. 6.jpg 5. Enter your 6-digit pin and check your diamond balance

  7. Top-up Diamonds via In-game
  8. 1.jpg 1. Login to your Bleach Mobile 3D account.

  9. 2.jpg 2. Select 'Mart'.

  10. 3.jpg 3. Click on 'Recharge'.


Anime Classic, Another story chapter of the Soul Reapers. Joint development by KLabGames.

Original Anime Character, Story Plot and Classic Skill.

The first genuine 3D MMORPG BLEACH ARPG Mobile Game!

Download the APK here!


Original Voice from the Anime, Hundred Stars CV Lineup

  • Japan's popular voice actor lineup, Top audio-visual feast.
  • Anime Original CV, Super Great immersive feel.

3D World Open Map, Free exploration on Hueco Mundo

  • 360 degree free rotation view of Soul Society, The Human World, Hueco Mundo.
  • Famous location such as Kurosaki Clinic, Urahara Shop, Rukon District, Las Noches and more.
  • Get rid of simple and boring mission modes, explore the Human world and Hueco Mundo any time..

13 Court Guard Squads Gather, Experience the Great Fighting Feel

  • Bankai! Feel the power when Ichigo Kurosaki wave his Zanpakuto!
  • Control the Classic character such as Byakuya Kuchiki,Kenpachi Zaraki, Uryu Ishida and more.
  • Form the strongest squad and experience the realistic battle.

Multiplayer Real Time Battle, become the Soul Reaper

  • Brand New PVP Solo Battle Mode.
  • Fight The Final Boss, Aizen together with teammates.
  • Unlimited Multiplayer Hueco Mundo’s Big Brawl.
  • Join the battle together and march towards the final chapter.