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  1. Continent9thSeal- redeem 01.png 1. Tick the reCAPTCHA and login to your Cherry Account
  2. Continent9thSeal- redeem 02.png 2. Click on "SHOP" in the drop down menu on the left
  3. Continent9thSeal- redeem 03.png 3. Click on "more" to display more games
  4. Continent9thSeal- redeem 4.png 4. Select "Continent of the Ninth Seal"
  5. Continent9thSeal- redeem 5.png 5. Select preferred amount, tick the T & C and Privacy Policy, and click "NEXT" to proceed
  6. Continent9thSeal- redeem 6.png 6. Input your 6-digit PIN to confirm the redemption
  7. Continent9thSeal- redeem 7.png 7. Go to your Cherry Messenger to confirm the redemption
  8. Continent9thSeal- redeem 8.png 8. Access the message in Cherry Messenger for the e-PIN redeemed
  9. Continent9thSeal- redeem 9.png 9. Remember your ePIN which is displayed as ePIN Serial Number in blue
  10. Continent9thSeal- redeem 10.png 10. Login to C9's Official website and click "WCOIN" in the top menu
  11. Continent9thSeal- redeem 11.png 11. Click on the "EPIN" button
  12. Continent9thSeal- redeem 12.png 12. Input your EPIN in the box and click "Continue" to redeem your WCOINS!


Permanent CC Rebate will be given for the following denominations:

  • 1,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 650 CC.
  • 2,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 2080 CC.
  • 3,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 3,900 CC.
  • 5,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 8,450 CC.
  • 10,000 WCoin gives a rebate of 26,000CC.

In the land of Blenheim, an evil force has descended upon the world with destruction as its only goal. Together with your closest allies, you will explore Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9), a fantasy action multiplayer online role-playing game (MORPG), to rid the world of this foreign evil.

With precise controls, a variety of skill combos and eye-catching graphics, C9 immerses players in a striking environment as they string together attacks and battle foes. Players choose from one of three character classes to begin their quest – fighter, hunter or shaman.

As they navigate through Blenheim their characters will advance to elite status and can take on one of three new jobs: Fighters can become warriors, guardians or blade masters; hunters can convert to assassins, rangers or scouts; and shamans can transform into elementalists, Taoists or illusionists.

c9-screenshot 01.pngc9-screenshot 02.pngScreenshot 03


  • Inflict Massive Damage– Taking player versus player (PvP) action to a new level, C9 utilizes a non-targeting system to maximize action combat, allowing players to damage multiple enemies within their weapon’s attack range.
  • Diverse PvP combat– Novices and seasoned gamers alike can put their fighting skills to the test by employing the array of different PvP modes: one-on-one, relay, death match and ranking wars up the ante and deliver unstoppable action.
  • Endless skill combos– Players can utilize a variety of melee and evasion skills in skirmishes to achieve diverse and endless combos, resulting in a dynamic gameplay environment.
  • Precise controls– Combining the non-targeting and combo systems to achieve ultimate precision, players are encouraged to execute each move strategically, as every stride will directly affect survival.
  • Ultimate fury skill– By vanquishing monsters in dungeons, players can accumulate fury points to fill up their bar. To unleash the ultimate fury skill on opposing forces, players must click both left and right mouse buttons at the same time. Once engaged, the ultimate fury skill increases player stats accompanied by special animation effects.
  • Become a Legend in Blenheim– Legends are made when players consistently participate in particular areas of the game, dominating adversaries. Being named Legend not only provides an increase in stats, but also bragging rights to fellow players.