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Permanently Enjoy CC Rebates When You Top Up For Selected Webzen Games!

20190404_WebzenCCPricing_news.png (1200×628)

There’s no better time to reload for your favourite Webzen game titles* because you will now permanently enjoy CC rebates with every top-up! This applies to both Redzen and Wcoins ePINs with immediate effect. 

*Only the selected game titles are applicable for this promo: 
20190404_WebzenCCPricing_img3.png (600×400)

Check out the chart below to see your CC rebates:

20190404_WebzenCCPricing_img1.png (600×330)
20190404_WebzenCCPricing_img2.png (600×330)

Chalk up on some CC rebates now! 

Terms & Conditions
  • Stated timezone is in GMT+8.
  • Unsuccessful transactions do not qualify for the rebate.
  • Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of successful top-up.
  • Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.
  • All decisions made by Cherry Credits are final.