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Black Desert SEA: New Beginnings Await

A land besieged by dragons has sent out a call for help, and Adventurers from all regions are heeding the call. Drieghan, the newest region in Black Desert SEA, is now live!

Over 300 challenging quests and fresh nodes to conquer! Also, face off against a new, menacing world boss—Garmoth, the Red Dragon!

Adventurers are also venturing to Mediah to gain a new perspective of the Black Desert world and its inhabitants in the wake of Mediah’s Main Quest Renewal. These renewed quests now offer different perspectives to better depict the histories, relationships, and the forces that are central to Black Desert SEA.

Adding to the celebrations, guilds are coming together under the new Guild Alliance System to gain even more rewards and promote the spirit of gatherings and teamwork.

So, wait no more, recharge your Acoins with CC now to get more power for your new venture in Black Desert SEA!