Top Up using Alfamart


Choose amount to Top-Up

198,000 CC (IDR 3,000,000.00*) 0 CC
132,000 CC (IDR 2,000,000.00*) 0 CC
66,000 CC (IDR 1,000,000.00*) 0 CC
33,000 CC (IDR 500,000.00*) 0 CC

Your Purchase Summary

Balance After Purchase
Purchase Total CC IDR 0.00*
Current CC Balance 0 CC

How to Redeem

  1. Click on 'Login' on the top menu to login to your Cherry account if you have not done so.
  2. Go to Top Up and select Alfamart.
  3. Indicate the amount of CC to top up in above.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions on the right purchase summary panel and click on 'Next'.
  5. Select the denomination you desire, Input your email and name, click send.
  6. Take note of your payment code and go to your nearest Alfamart, Alfa Midi, Alfa Express, Lawson or DAN+DAN store
  7. Tell the cashier that you wish to make a GOC payment
  8. If the cashier is unaware of GOC, provide the instruction to open the e-transaction terminal, choose "no. 2 menu Pembayaran atau cari pada menu search"
  9. Ask cashier to press "Shift" and "?" and then type GOC, continue by clicking OK
  10. Ask cashier to choose "no.1 GOC - Pembayaran GOC"
  11. Cashier will request your payment code. Inform your payment code 8888824000153998. Cashier will confirm customer data such as Nama Merchant, Nama Konsumen, dan Nominal. Make the payment to cashier according to your transaction amount
  12. Get your receipt as a proof of payment. Your merchant will be directly notified of the payment status
  13. Purchased CC will be credited into your account and reflected in your CC balance.


Modern retail network that has many branches in Indonesia making it easier for you to make payments at any time.

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